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Highlights: Sept 25 - Sept 29

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What's New

When Picasso Put Down His Brushes and Painted With Light Instead
See what happened when photographer Gjon Mili met Pablo Picasso and introduced him to an astonishing new way of drawing. These incredible photos from LIFE magazine capture the moment where Picasso's art really shone.

What To Do With Hateful Monuments
What kind of role should the past play in the present? Kanishk Tharoor takes some lessons from around the world on how to deal with the histories we’d rather forget, from Soviet figures in Hungary to British Empire statues in India.

Wonders of Hong Kong
Hong Kong is known for its iconic glittering skyline, sprawling layers of neon lights, and for being the home of one of the world's oldest festivals. Delve into the city's bright colors, historical landmarks and craftsmanship with this new project.

Explore the Life and Works of Asima Chatterjee
Asima Chatterjee was the first woman to be awarded a Doctor of Science from an Indian university and made profound contributions to the field of medicinal chemistry. Discover her incredible story and achievements in this new exhibit.

5 Unmissable Paintings at the Rijksmuseum
Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is home to some of the greatest examples of Dutch art, from Vermeer to Rembrandt. Discover some of the paintings you need to see, and the details to watch out for.

What to Read

A Tale of the Foot-flagging Frog
In the middle of the Borneo rainforest lives a species of frog that has found an inventive way to communicate over the cacophony of water droplets pounding onto leaves. Meet the foot-flagging frogs, the innovative amphibians who talk to each other by waving their feet.

A History of England in Sports and Leisure
From Lord's and Wembley, to Silverstone and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, England is home to some of the world's most iconic sporting venues. Explore the stories and heritage behind these famous grounds in this new exhibit.

Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire
Established in the first century BCE, Teotihuacan was the first center of culture, politics, religion and economics in ancient Mesoamerica. Discover the secrets left behind by this ancient civilization.

Graphic Scores
Graphic scores are where visual art meets music; as well as traditional symbols, a musician's performance is guided by pictures, drawings and unconventional notation. This new exhibit explores different approaches to designs and how British artists use graphic scores today.

Artist of the Week

Discover Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist, famous for his impactful art, sculpture and installations that often reflect his experience of being arrested and detained by the Chinese government, and his campaign for human rights.

Street View Pick

Explore the Elbphilharmonie
The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg sits on top of an old warehouse building, and from the outside resembles a wave of water or a quartz crystal. Take a look inside at the Grand Hall, one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world.

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