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Highlights: July 17 - July 20

This week on Google Arts & Culture

What to Read

15 Iconic Action Shots
How camera advancements since 1835 have made sport photography unmissable.

How to Paint a Person
The techniques and colors used in the Middle Ages to depict people's faces in detail on wooden panels.

The Surprising History of Dragons
Before Game of Thrones, there were these South Asian and the Middle Eastern monsters.

Holiday Photos From History
The road trip snapshots of a Californian couple, including before and after photos of the 1906 earthquake.

Artist of the Week

Explore Rembrandt
Can you spot the slightly asymmetrical eyes in his self-portraits that led a neurobiologist to suggest he might not have been able to see in 3D?

Best of Street View

Climb the Selarón Stairs
These 215 decorated steps in Rio de Janeiro include tiles from all over the world - see if you can spot Obama, Princess Diana and the Mona Lisa.

Did you know: you can explore art medium by time?

From 16th century engraving to present day woodwork

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