Rio in Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in Rio de Janeiro's history and culture with these Virtual Reality tours

With a virtual reality viewer like Google Cardboard, you can use the Google Arts & Culture app on iOS and Android to take a virtual tour of Rio's vibrant arts, history and culture.

Make sure you've downloaded the app (from Google Play or the App Store) to experience these 8 breathtaking virtual reality tours in full. When on a museum or institution's page, scroll down to the 'Virtual Tours' section and click on a tour to launch the Cardboard experience...

1. Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer

Explore the history and construction of the iconic statue and its surrounding landmarks, with audio narration by Padre Omar (the priest of the monument).

Using Google Cardboard? Click here and scroll down to launch the immersive virtual reality experience.

Vista do Cristo Redentor, Gustavo de Oliveira, from the collection of Archdiocese of São Sebastiao of Rio de Janeiro (Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer)

2. Museu do Amanhã

Look back at the history of Rio port and the surrounding Mauá Square, and then take a journey into the future with the Museum of Tomorrow.

Puffed Star II, Museu do Amanhã collection/ Marcos Tristão (Museu do Amanhã)

3. Ziraldo

Let Ziraldo himself give you a guided tour of his well-loved drawings and immerse yourself in these artworks like never before.

Click here and scroll down to launch the virtual reality experience.

Onde esta o Maluquinho, Ziraldo (Collection: Ziraldo)

4. Conservação Rio

Take a tour through the landmarks of Rio, enjoy its fantastic views and listen to audio narration from city experts.

Find the Google Cardboard tour here.

Aerial View of Christ The Redeemer, 1931, Corcovado Hill (Collection: Conservação Rio)

5. Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

Discover the theater building from every angle: step on stage, walk the Main Hall, sneak into the backstage and look around from the roof of the building; all with audio narration by the famous Brazilian ballet dancer and actress, Anna Botafogo.

Find the Google Cardboard virtual reality experience here.

Concert Hall of the Municipal Theater, 2009 - 2010, Jorge Campana (Collection: Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro)

6. Instituto Moreira Salles

Learn about the history of one of the biggest photo archives in Brazil with photos of Rio in the 19th and 20th centuries in this virtual reality tour.

Copacabana beach, 1947, Thomaz Farkas (Collection: Instituto Moreira Salles)

7. Instituto Elifas Andreato

Take an immersive tour through an exhibition on the music of Rio - Musica Carioca - and learn about album cover design!

Eu Canto Samba album, 1989, Elifas Andreato (Collection: Instituto Elifas Andreato)

8. MAM Rio

Explore the architecture of the building designed by famous Brazilian architect Afonso Eduardo Reydi, and dive into one of its contemporary pieces.

Immerse yourself in MAM Rio here.

Gardens and southern façade of Exhibition Building, Geraldo Viola (Collection: MAM Rio)
Helicoid stairway at the Exhibition Building, 1961, Aertsens Michel (Collection: MAM Rio)

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Words by Léonie Shinn-Morris
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