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19 June - 23 June: What's New?

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1) US Flags in Plains Beadwork
The use of the US flag in Native American beadwork has a fascinating history, especially as it could be seen as an odd choice of design for a people who violently clashed with the American government for years. This new exhibit by Wyoming State Museum explores the use of the flag through its artifacts, from tribes that used the motif so that their crafts would sell better to non-natives, to those that used it as a distraction technique - a way to keep practising banned cultural traditions under the guise of celebrating 4th of July.

2) Mario Bellini - Italian Beauty
Mario Bellini is an Italian architect who has won the Golden Compass award 8 times. With a career spanning over 60 years, this new exhibit explores his work in design, architecture, installations and more. It also includes a video of his memorable 'kar-a-sutra', a concept car with an assortment of rearrangeable cushions inside a greenhouse — modeled by a troupe of mimes.

3) Student Artworks Foundation
The Student Artworks Foundation presents a collection of works by young student and graduate artists from all over the world. This exhibit explores the concept of the body and different ways it can be interpreted, as each emerging artist describes the inspiration behind each of their paintings.

4) The Burgtheater
The Burgtheater in Vienna is Europe's second oldest theatre. Combining the old with the new, it's also the biggest automatic and computer controlled stagesystem in Europe — with technical features that mean scenery that can be changed in just 40 seconds. Explore its main foyer's stunning ceiling panels by Gustav and Ernst Klimt and Franz Matsch.

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