Danish Artists at the Osteria by Ditlev Blunck

At first glance this painting shows groups of people gathering in a local osteria, a casual restaurant in 19th-century Rome. At the table to the right, we see a group of men ordering a meal, smoking and relaxing. But there's more going on. Looking more closely we can "tag" one of the guests.

DANISH ARTISTS AT OSTERIA LA GENSOLA IN ROME (1737) by Ditlev Blunck (Collection: Thorvaldsens Museum)

Zoom into the painting here and notice there are two artists at work - one sketching, and the other painting.

The seated artist is the Danish painter Albert Küchler (1803-1886), a friend and colleague of Ditlev Blunck.

Compare this likeness to Küchler self-portrait found in this painting made in the same year in Rome.

Detail showing Albert Küchler's self portrait in A GROUP OF DANISH ARTISTS IN ROME (1837) by Constantin Hansens (Collection: Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen) 

Returning to the scene at the osteria, Blunck portrays his fellow artist doing what he himself is: observing and sketching the everyday scene. There is a neat parallel story unfolding too as we too observe the scene before us.

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