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Highlights: Aug 21 - Aug 25

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What to Read

8 Adorable Dogs in Art
It's National Dog Day on Saturday 26, and what better way to celebrate (apart from actually playing with a dog) than to look at these amazing depictions of cute pups in the history of art.

Discover the Art of Costume Conservation
See the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Costume Institute Conservation Lab with this awe-inspiring 360° video. You can learn how fashion and costume artifacts are kept in pristine condition, from an 18th-century French court suit to a modern creation made from unorthodox materials (think rubber, plastic and bird skulls!)

A 128-year-old Eclipse Photograph
If you missed the eclipse this week, then take a look at this incredible and haunting image taken of a solar eclipse in 1889, by photographer Carleton Watkins. You won't need a comedy pair of eclipse glasses for this one!

Douglas Coupland and 'Internet Brain'
Check out the first major museum exhibition from Douglas Coupland, which captures what the artist refers to as "the 21st century condition". It explores themes of modern life, the things that makes Canadians uniquely Canadian, and YouTube kitten warps.

Artist of the Week

Discover Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt was an American painter and printmaker, and became the only woman from the U.S. to exhibit with the Impressionists in Paris. She's known for her loose-brushwork portrayals of women, mothers and children in everyday situations.

Street View Pick

Explore the Canals of Venice
The city of Venice is built on an archipelago of over 100 small islands, and is criss-crossed with a series of beautiful canals. Jump on a gondola and explore the waterways of The Floating City with Street View, without the risk of getting splashed.

Featured Project

Space Exploration
The out-of-this-world history of humans in space; including 10 amazing facts about the ISS, 8 photos from space that will blow your mind, and stories about space travel and those brave enough to try it.

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