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Highlights: Sept 11 - Sept 15

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What is Contemporary Art?
Have you ever gone to a contemporary art gallery and wondered what you’re looking at? Notorious for causing the occasional stir with artworks that look like anyone could have done them, or with art that doesn’t look like art at all, contemporary art leaves us with a lot of questions. This new project by Google Arts & Culture tells you all you need to know, including: how it’s different to modern art; which artists you need to get to grips with and which galleries you should visit; and how to understand contemporary art via emojis.

EXCLUSIVE: The New Music Video For Phoenix’s ‘Ti Amo’
Watch the new music video for Phoenix’s song Ti Amo, filmed in the stunning Teatro Bibiena in Mantua.

How To Film a Music Video Live in an Old Italian Theater
Go behind the scenes to see the story of the unique live shoot—all done in one continuous shot on 35mm film.

What to Read

British Fashion
It’s London Fashion Week, so scrub up and brush up on your British Fashion. Meet the innovative designers and the iconic influencers that set the trends and give British fashion its edge. You can also explore legendary labels, see high fashion up close, and get a front row experience with three intimate Virtual Reality interviews.

Canadian Autumn
One of the best things about fall is the rich array of colors that you can see dappling the trees (when you’re not huddled under an umbrella or hood). Durdy Bayramov, an artist from Turkmenistan, was especially enthralled with the autumnal beauty that Canada offered, which he captured in this series of paintings.

10 Inspiring Latinas Who’ve Made History
From astronauts to artists, meet a selection of Latinas who’ve made history, shaped the society we live in, and changed our world for the better.

Popcorn Shells
Take a closer look at Popcorn Shells, an artwork by Chris Ofili that combines the heroes of jazz, hip hop, rap and black popular culture with overtly decorative African art. Zoom right in and look out for Beyonce, Aretha Franklin...and elephant dung.

Artist of the Week

Discover Mario Testino
Peru’s Mario Testino is a fashion and portrait photographer who is famed for his work with A-list stars, musicians, supermodels and artists. He’s also known for photographing the royal families of Europe, and was the official photographer for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the occasion of their engagement 💍.

Street View Pick

Explore the Grand Canyon
Explore the stunning scenery of Arizona's Grand Canyon in the United States. At 277 miles long, and up to 18 miles wide, it's clear why it’s considered to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

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