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12 June - 16 June: What's New?

The latest on Google Arts & Culture

1) Wonders of Malta
Around 5500 to 4500 years ago Malta was home to an intelligent, sophisticated society who built the oldest free-standing monuments that still survive today. The Wonders of Malta project by Google Arts & Culture allows you to explore the outstanding engineering feat of Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground tomb carved out of rock; the archaeological remains of an upper-class Roman household - one of only two private residences ever discovered to contain statues portraying the emperor; as well as historic accounts of the island's naval battles and sieges.

2) Hein Gorny
Hein Gorny was a much sought-after photographer in Germany who was famed for capturing the aesthetics of industry, fashion advertising — and horses! In this exhibit see some of his remarkable work and learn about his intriguing life story, including how he had 2 marriages and 3 divorces in 2 years.

3) Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain
The Foundation Cartier explores the unexpected by organizing a program of exhibitions to promote contemporary art that encourages inquisitiveness and sparks conversations — from the shamanic wisdom in the Amazonian Brazilian rainforest to the constant flux of Tokyo life. Explore their collection of diverse artwork, each offering a unique perspective on the world, in their new online exhibit from Seoul, Korea.

4) Piano tradition at the Oporto Music Conservatory
The Oporto Music Conservatory opened in 1917 and brought together some of the most prominent pianists at a time when musical accomplishments were beginning to flourish in Portugal. In this new exhibit 100 years of piano tradition is celebrated, complete with stunning audio clips of concertos and recitals.

Happy exploring!

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