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26 June - 30 June: What's New?

The Latest on Google Arts & Culture

1) The Art of Science
Canada's Central Experimental Farm bred and tested new crops that would be suitable for the Canadian climate. It was important that this work was documented, but as the experiments took place long before color photography, glass slides had to be hand painted to capture the color of the plants. This exhibit by the Canada Agriculuture and Food Museum shows the techniques that were used to create customized imagery - giving a whole new meaning to 'choosing a filter'!

2) The Finest Men Alive
After the 1916 Ireland Easter Rising 3,430 men and 79 women were arrested. This exhibit contains poignant letters, prison notebooks, secret communication and diaries written by those imprisoned, and the corresponding material written by Irish women protesting on the prisoners behalf. They give a snapshot of life inside, and show how the women bravely sustained their domestic lives while upholding morale.

3) 300 Years of Freemasons
The Freemasons have long been viewed as a mystery. Are they a powerful international secret society that controls the fate of mankind? Or something quite different? This exhibit by the Austrian National Library explores this famous brotherhood, from how it was affected by the world wars, to its links with Mozart.

4) Evolution of Flight
Did you know rockets and jet planes use the same propulsion techniques as squids? Step into Frankfurt Airport to experience this new exhibit from Senckenberg Nature Museum and you can trace how different mechanisms used in the natural world for flying and swimming have been harnessed by engineers to give humankind access to the skies.

Happy exploring!

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