Colors That Make the Heart Beat Faster

From Rubens' red to Renoir's pink

Roses are red

Carnations are pink

Here are some artworks that will make you think...of passion!

Celebrate the colors of love - from seductive scarlet to romantic rose.

Ruby red in Georgia O'Keeffe's 'Red Cannas'

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Red Cannas, Georgia O'Keeffe, 1927 (Amon Carter Museum of American Art)

Dusty pink in John White Alexander's 'Portrait Study in Pink (The Pink Gown)'

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Portrait Study in Pink (The Pink Gown), John White Alexander, 1896 (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)

Vermilion red in Peter Paul Rubens' 'Matthaeus Yrsselius'

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Matthaeus Yrsselius (1541-1629), Abbot of Sint-Michiel's Abbey in Antwerp, Peter Paul Rubens, ca. 1624 (Statens Museum for Kunst)

Vibrant orange red in Egon Schiele's 'Kneeling Female in Orange-Red Dress'

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Kneeling Female in Orange-Red Dress, Egon Schiele, 1910 (Leopold Museum)

Sumptuous scarlet in Jan van Eyck's 'Lucca Madonna'

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Lucca Madonna, Jan van Eyck, 1437 (Städel Museum)

Soft, salmon pink in Pierre-Auguste Renoir's 'Young Woman in Red Dress'

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Young Woman in Red Dress, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, c. 1892 (Tokyo Fuji Art Museum)

Coral red in this Muromachi period red-lacquered saké bottle

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Red-lacquered saké bottle, Unknown, 15th century (Suntory Museum of Art)

Hot pink in John Humphreys Johnston's 'Le Domino Rose'

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Le Domino Rose, John Humphreys Johnston, ca. 1895 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Red is the color of passion and romance, but it's also the color of anger and danger... and what could be more appropriate to symbolize the nature of love...

Blood red in Chang Hong Ahn's 'One Love'

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One Love, Ahn, Chang Hong, 1994 (Korean Art Museum Association)

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