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This tablet introduced the one of important story in the epic of Gilgamesh. Utnapishtim saved the human during flood which mean mortals can achieve immortality through lasting works of civilization and culture. Personally, we should be brave and smart during the time we facing the huge disaster or problem as Utnapishtim. Like Hebrew myth and Chinses myth, this tablet present the god send a great flood to world and there is a hero stop the flooding or save the people during the flooding. I believed this three same myth have some relationship. I think this story may present that human have the ability to overcome the natural disaster such as flooding, tornado, and earthquake.
To me "Death and Life" is very similar what the Socrates facing death and life after court. And he said “seeing that god so direct us.”(102) In this painting, has two very clearly separated parts. In the right side we see a newly created life, a baby, lying in their arms.In left side we see a Death is depicted a wearing dark robe covered with symbols. To me this painting expained Death is not the end do not fear the death because death means never-ending circle of life. Klimt wants to argue that humanity as a whole will always escape the grasp. Life likes a cycle, it is diverse and wonderful. As Socrates think that Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. (89) Death means created new things;as a result, Socrates believe death is greatest huamn blessing.
This piece of painting has told me about men and women death and life. Like Adam and Eve, alhough Adam not going to die, Eve get a punishment from God. However, Eve still eat the fruits of tree even she know the punishment. (Genesis 3) It stand for love and death.It suggest that do not fear death if you have love. The title called"Death and Life". But I think this could called "death and love". Like the Eve and Adam, these two people facing the life problem due to love. As a result, the man seems to die and woman very sad. It is kind of punishment for these two people. In our world, we often have this two choices like these two people. If you choose one, you might get a punishment from another. However, I think do not fear to choose and break the rules. And also try to survive in our society.
This is death of Jesus, and at a time in which most women were excluded from participating in public life in Rome, and were considered ritually impure for a substantial portion of their life according to Jewish custom. In this consideration, I think that is why Angel is woman not man. Also,in Luke's book, Jesus appears to the dumbfounded disciples and gives them his last instructions: “in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things” (24,47–48). Look at this painting, Jesus is kind in the crucifixion, it is like dead but get a new life.
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