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This picture is really really really small to make all these details on but the artist of this painting actually did.
To paint a human face is not easy but this painting is extremely beautiful with all the features.
If you zoom in you would see the painter has only put some lines with the brush but if you zoom out you would think this painting contains so many things.
This picture actually looks really easy to make but if you focus on the different paints which are used to give the ancient and cracky look, you would then observe how beautiful it is.
If you zoom in this picture, you would see the sharp details the artist have sketched. These mountains are amazingly made.
Stone breaking sculpture: It has a very fine and neat finishing with the details; the lines on her blouse and skirt etc.Her feet and neck look so real.
This sculpture actually made me laugh. It shows the real face of a person while yawning with eyes partially open.
The two faces of fox with sharp cuts.
The sky looks bright but as you go down the pick would become darker and darker which is actually really awesome.
This painting is made beautifully by using natural colors.
Credits: All media
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