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The intention of this gallery is to show just a few representations of the lower class, middle class, and upper class. 

This piece depicts a family that seems to be homeless. Not only are all their faces blank and depressed, the choice of coloring and the detailed shading emphasizes the sadness of their situation.
"To the True Poor" was created by the same artist as the last piece. Again, his detailed shading and choice of color encourage the depressing situation of lower class people standing and walking in line.
This piece represents lower class because it shows three people doing labor work and having to bend over all day in order to make money. The large field and their apparel are obvious clues.
It looks like this family could be on the line of lower and middle class. The fact that the young girl is having to sell flowers while her mother and brother sit back gives a clue that they are struggling.
This woman has a couple baskets of fruit. From what I've learned, fruit was a delicacy and was expensive back in the day. However, her cleanliness does not look like one of an upper class person. These two things make me believe that she is a middle class citizen.
The lighting, the decor, and the colors in this portrait of a dining room table reminds me of one that would be in a middle class house. They have food on the table, but not too much, and the decor isn't too fancy.
This family looks to be part of the middle class. The children look clean, their clothes are not raggedy, ad their father looks to be a musician with a crowd, which could bring in a decent amount of money.
I chose this piece as a representative of the upper class because of the plentiful fruit, which like I said before, was a delicacy and was expensive. There is also a parrot which implies enough riches for fancy and exotic pets.
Just by looking at the background and the woman's apparel, it looks like this is a large home owned by a wealthy (upper class) family. The big windows in the back and the detailed flooring are big clues.
As soon as I saw this piece, I knew it c=would be an upper class representative. The large ballroom, the fancy chandelier, and the many people lounging and having a grand time indicates an upper class party.
You can automatically assume this is an upper class family. All the children are dressed extremely well from head to toe - the fancy hats and frilly dresses are all the clues you need.
Lastly, I chose this piece of a human pyramid. I think it's a good analogy for our society, that no matter what our class, race, gender, sex, beliefs, etc., we're all balancing off of each other.
Credits: All media
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