Life In Ancient Rome

The theme of this gallery is Ancient Rome. This time period has been an enchanting era for centuries. It has been the inspiration for several book and movies depicting scenes from this ancient lifetime. Included are assorted pieces of artwork derived from different materials. The artists of the artwork offers the viewers a glance into Roman's ancient way of life. The viewer become aware of how everyday life was conducted and also their customs and beliefs.

1813 to 1861 Eckersberg. painted pictures of Romes ancient ruins. He paid heavy attention on the details of the archer as he painted it while being three stories up.
was presented at the salon de Paris in 1767. Hubert painting this picture of architecture. because that's what he loves to paint. but he also like to put twist on it so it not boring.
Roman coins depict building and monuments in the city of Rome. This is a picture of one of the greatest surviving buildings of Rome
this is a sculpting of a mythical creature that is half man half horse. he is carrying animal skin and panpipes.
This sculpture is reproduced several times in different sculptures and paintings. This is one of the most famous sculptures found in Rome.
The animal in this sculpture is called a she wolf. It represents power and it also symbolizes the city. It stood in the fifteenth century facade.
This is a sculpture of the rising of Christ. It was the crown of the chapel of the blessed sacrament in St. Peters basilica.
This is a ancient bronze statue. The sculpture use to have gold ear rings but they where lost. The detail in the hair cost much engraving and re-working.
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