Sirens Lair - Curtis Joyner

A gallery designed to focus on music within mythology. A collection of works of art that display how music influenced specific outcomes of everyday life or various mythological tales.

This piece shows Chiron, a wise centuar educator, Teaching Achillies the art of music. Achilles was know for his victories in battle however this piece shows the peace derived from music. The artist Zompini uses texture and rounded out the objects to give them a happy and enjoyable appeal.
This is a painting of Apollo and the Muses, Euterpe and Urania. Euterpe is holding the aulos and is actually credited by some for the creation of the musical instrument. Batoni uses movement to show off the God of music. Notice the way his hair floats as if it consistently in the breeze. Apollo is also sitting higher to signify him being more important.
This painting depicts the tale of when the saytar Marsyas challenges Apollo, the god of music to a musical duel. Apollo defeated Marsyas and as punishment for challenging him and for losing, Marsyas was to be skinned. Poelenbugh used color to foreshadow the following events. The shady clouds in the back darken and contrast the soft blue sky.
This piece shows the part of the Odyssey where Ulysses passed the Sirens. The Sirens were creatures with beautiful voices and faces. They would sing and lure sailors to their deaths. Ulysses had been pre warned and made sure he was ready. His crew had their ears plugged up and they strapped him to the mast this way only he could hear the songs but could not move. William used texture to show the distance of the cliff sides toward the left of the painting, The area is foggy or a touch out of focus.
This piece was made to tell the tale of Mercury plotting to take Lo. On the right side sits Mercury with an instrument on the left stands Argus and in the back is Lo. Lo was a Nymph and Zeus' lover. Hera ,Zeus' wife, was jealous and turned Lo into a cow and had Argus watch her so Zeus could not have contact. Mercury ,Zeus' messenger, lulls Argus to sleep kills him and takes Lo. Quellinus uses texture by carving more deeply and more detailed for the important characters and less detailed for the scenery in the background.
Pan is known as the God of Nature but was frequently seen as a sexually inappropriate being. He was often seen with a panflute. This painting shows how the panflute came to be. Syrinx was a Nymph and the daughter of the God of Rivers. After running into problems with Pan she had here family turn her into a reed. Desperate to be with her, Pan made several pipes with the reed and turned it into his musical instrument. Poussin used emphasis by having all the other characters is the painting face the trouble. This draws the attention to the main incident and helps tell the story.
In this painting Orpheus used music to sooth the temper of the Guardian of the underworld, Cerberus! Orpheus wished to enter to bring back his wife but first had to make it past the three headed dog. Bronzino used line to show how the music calmed the dog and now Orpheus is sitting unafraid and in control. His bicep and forearm frame the dog in the background showing Orpheus' dominance over the creature.
This is a statue of Apollo the God of Music. This statuette is different from most of the Apollo based pieces I have posted. It shows Apollo in a more selfless state. When featured by himself he holds up his instrument with pride. The artist used shape to emphasize on the instrument and making the statuette hold it up high.
This piece show Amphion playing beautiful music. In the background the workers are inspired and continue to build the city of Thebes. Quellinus used Shape to bring symbols to the attention of the viewer. The workers are all working to steady to achieve a common goal. The music keeps them focused and the compass in the front is a symbol for staying on the path of Harmony.
This painting shows the story of a music competition between Pan and Apollo. Midas foolishly picks pan over the God of Music and is given the ears of an ass. The artists use texture to show how lighthearted and humors this tale is. Most of these competitions would end in death but in the big scheme of things, having the ears of an ass is just funny.
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