Night Art

The theme of this gallery is night. When an artist is painting or creating a piece that takes place at night, they are faced with a situation in which they must use unique colors. Using black in night pieces could make the art too dark, or draw away from the elegance or true meaning of the piece. Colors such as a dark blue, or dark purple are sometimes used to illustrate the scene takes place at night instead of using black. When unusual color, unusual meaning not lifelike, is used in a piece of art, it allows the person viewing the piece, to interpret the mood of the night scene. It could be scary, joyous, or even a quite relaxing mood.

This painting by Vincent van Gogh is called The Starry Night. Disregarding the name of the piece, the dark blue shades away from the crescent moon show that the piece is intended to be a night scene. This piece was created with paint. Vincent van Gogh was a revolutionary artist.
This piece bu Albert TUCKER called Philosopher, is interpreted to be a person sitting, enjoying the night, and it seems to be that the person is studying the moon or wondering how it works. The color that indicates it is a night scene is dark blue. The moon also indicates that. The piece seems to be painted or done with pastels. The overall mood of the piece is relaxed, skeptical.
Starry Night by van Gogh is a very settle and relxed painting. The piece has many brush strokes on it and is a very cool piece to see close The painting shows a harbor at night with all the lights nearby reflecting on the water.
Abbey among Oak Trees by Caspar David Frieddrich gives a more spooky look to the night scence. It seems as if there used to be a building in the place, and now nothing but the door stands. The piece seems to be a poanting.
Fisherman at Sea by Joesph Mallord William Turner depicts a fisherman in a strom at sea. The piece takes place at night but there is a glimpse of sun shining through. This piece is a painting.
Burg Scharfenberg at Night by Ernst Ferdinand Oehme depicts a mystical castle at night. The clouds also put a creepy take on the painting. The reason i chose this painting is because it shows a more scary side of night and i love the clouds add a lot to the painting. The overall mood in scary and mystical.
Moonlit Night on the Dniepr by Arkhip Kuindzhi depicts the moonlight shining a river. The river is a settle gold color that adds great contrast to the night painting. The reason i chose this painting is because it shows more of an elusive side of night. It almost looks like a dream. The overall mood is elusive and dreamy.
The Deluge bu Jacob More depicts what looks like some settlers/explorers rowing down a river canyon while the sun is beginning to come up. I chose this painting because it shows a very calm side of night. The overall mood is gentle and kind.
This is a painting of what looks like a meeting of the guardsmen of a town. It seems as if they are meeting at night to go over tactics, and or guard their town. The reason i chose this painting is because it shows how guards would have met together in the old days. The overall mood of this painting is intense ans suspenseful.
The Triumph of the Innocents by William Holman Hunt provides a few different perspectives. The piece shows what i believe is many angels helping Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. The scene takes place at night but has a happy mood. I believe the medium of this piece is oil on canvas.
The Deluge by Francis Danby shows a very chaotic scene that takes place on what a cove while a storm of some sort is happening. The scene takes place at night bu there is still a glimpse of sunlight indicating sunrise. The artist used great colors to indicate the water and still make it a night piece. The mood of the piece is chaotic and intense. I believe the medium of this piece is oil on canvas.
Nocturne: Blue and Silver--Battersea Reach by James McNeill Whistler is a very dark gloomy piece. The artist used very sad appearing colors and gave them a blur. I believe the medium of this piece is pastel. The over all mood of this piece is dark, sad, and gloomy.
Credits: All media
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