Feeling the art

I chose this based on the difference between the smooth head, and the rough part in the bottom. the contrast makes the finished head stand out
I am not entirely sure what this piece is painted on, but the grain makes it look almost like it was stitched, making the features of the person in it look a lot softer.
In this piece, all of the blades of grass are made in a sharp manner, and although they stop looking like that the further you go along, the bottom half gives the impression that they are like that until the end.
The way the strokes are made in this painting, coupled with the colors chosen, remind of some kind of wood. which fits since that is what the house pictured is most likely made out of.
The soft colors used in this painting gives both the skin, and the clothes look extremely soft.
With the way this is painted you could imagine what the dress would feel like and even how thick it would be in some parts. the thin part in the arm, and the thicker part in the chest. plus the shadows all over makes this look almost as if it were a picture
this painting shows a lot of textures using a very simple style, the rocks look very smooth, while the trees in the left look sharp, and the bushes and vegetation in the right are very thick
i like how a few simple lines can add a lot to a drawing. if you were to remove most of the lines on the inside it would still look like a horse, but with those lines detailing the muscles, the drawing looks much more powerful
Once again this one uses a simpler style but still does a good job at showing the textures. the skirt part looks flowing and kind of thin thanks to the light coloring in that area, while the chest and bottom of the skirt are much thicker thanks to the heavy use of lines and darker colors.
while this might have not been intended by the artist, the cracks on the wall add to the image of the face by making it look like wrinkles, giving the woman in the picture a much older look.
what really drew me to this image was the way the talons were drawn. The talons look very rough and bumpy, somewhat like scales in a reptile.
Once again i'm not sure if this is what the artist intended, but the crumpling of the paper makes it seem like the muscles of the man blend in with the rest of the picture
The speckling of the painting gives it a very sandy feeling, fitting with the premise of the painting which involves the dessert
The thick strokes combined with the use of color give this piece a very angry feeling, like the artist was trying to relieve his frustrations by swiping at the canvas
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