Eyesight by: William Tuttle

The theme of my gallery is adventure. I have always been fascinated with different locations throughout the world. When you take the various locations from around the world and look at them through the eyes of these artists, you get that feeling as if you are there. For most of the places internationally I have still never visited, but these artist bring such life to their art that it makes me feel as though I have been there before.

This Boston scenery shows an early 1900's look at buildings and a fountain. I automatically get the sense of winter. The hints of grey and white colors in the painting give that dark stormy feel to it. With a lot of line movements in the brush stroke, I could really get a sense of the bare tree limbs as well as the fountain.
This painting represents an old harbor in Rockport, Maine in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The small brush strokes in various colors really give the water movement. The detail work in the brick really gives the walkway some life to it. It even captures some green color as if moss were growing on the walkway. The little houses in the back of the piece give it an old village fill to it.
This art piece covers Houston, Texas with a bridge over a creek of water. This piece was in the late 1800’s and values some great colors to it. The watercolor in the painting is brown which gives the viewer the impression of dirty or unclean water. The grass by the tree gives a sense of a park which allows people to come explore the bridge and all that’s around.
This painting gives so much detail that it seems like a picture. This painting shows Venice in the 1930’s. The boats on the canal really show a sense of adventure. Like the canal is the main source of travel. The different shades of color in the buildings surrounding the canal really give the details to the age and essence of the buildings.
I really like this painting as it portrays the nighttime in the woods. The moon that sits behind the trees, really gives the viewer the feeling that you are sitting there seeing everything. Even with the dark color tones to give the resemblance of darkness, the other colors in the woods help give the details in both the rocks and the trees.
This is a painting of Aventine Hill in Rome. The detail in the water fountain at the top of the ledge looks like it is really running. The colorful shades of green throughout the walkways that form a maze. The two trees that stand-alone by themselves are a unique attribute as well. This painting really gives an adventurous feel as a place to go get lost.
This painting of a windmill on the Onbekende Gracht in Amsterdam really explores more of an adventurous play land. The windmill on the water looks like a place to take kids. The reflection off the water really brings the color of the buildings surrounding the windmill out. It makes the water seem calm and quiet.
This art piece was influenced from an area in Japan. This artwork really makes this piece adventurous because of all of the snow. You normally don’t think of Japan as having that much snow, but when you look at this piece and see that a majority of this painting are the colors blue and white with everything drawn in black. There is also a hint of yellow over the mountain outline for a shade of sun.
This painting of the garden may not be as adventurous looking as the other paintings in this gallery, but when you look at the detail I think you will start to see. The brush strokes of both the flowerbeds as well as the grass are constantly going the same direction. The trees and set up of this painting gives the impression of an established place, like a governor’s mansion or a white house.
I love this painting. The colors used to make that late night sunset really looks good. This looks like a park, which are very common places to visit. This seems like an adventurous place to visit because of all that the piece describes. There are people walking around, sail boats in the water, and everyone seems to be enjoying the atmosphere. The emphases on the trees are really great too. They stand out and tower the park while still showing great detail in the leaves and color.
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