Super cool Patterns

Coven Lin All of the artwork in the gallery contains a theme of pattern. A pattern is an art form that has recurring designs.

One of the most common places where we see patterns are on plates and silverware. This plate has a very simple pattern around the edges. The pattern is fading as it was made during 900-1000
Another common item that has pattern is clothing. This dress has floral patterns over it and is symmetrical across the y axis.
This is a pattern glass tray made between 1835-1845. I choose this piece of artwork because of the symmetry involved. The pattern has perfect symmetry. You can cut it from x-y or corners and it will be symmetrical
This ceiling piece has a great color pattern. The outer edge of the circle has five colors red, white, blue,green, and yellow. The inner circle has the same colors but with white in the center.
This image uses the checkerboard pattern. It creates an optical illusion by squishing some of the squares, which makes it seem that the square are moving.
This is a cool design that I found. Originally I thought it was a maze by first glance but its actually a graffiti pattern designed by a typography artist.
This image uses typography. Typography is another form of art that pattern influences. In this typography poster they use type to create shapes and different size fonts to pattern it together.
This pattern has both reflection and rotation symmetry. It also has complementary colors which helps the overall design.
This image has a pattern where it goes on forever. The star has a star within a star within a star ...... and so on.
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