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Though his career only lasted a mere decade, Vincent van Gogh is one of the most iconic and prolific Post-Impressionist artist, in recent memory. Within are various works of different subjects and styles.

One of Vincent's many self-portraits, and the one I enjoyed the most. I found the use of blue colors to work quite well in contrast with his red hair.
One the more famous paintings, The Starry Night is a tranquil piece, with a good use of both light and darkness. The use of white to create wave-like forms of stars especially grab my attention.
A very grim painting of a lower-class family, eating at a small table. It shows the viewer what the conditions were like back in the late 1900's in Europe.
One of his Japonism works, based on a Japanese wood-block. Van Gogh has taken a lot of influence from the Japanese art-style for this work, while still retaining a somewhat European feel.
A Japonism piece, inspired by Japanese wood-blocks, like a lot of other works at the time. Vincent does an amazing job of recreating the feel and style of Japanese art-style.
A very light-hearted work, it gives one the feeling of happiness and calmness. The use of yellow and tan in the background helps the the flowers themselves stand out.
Another of his works named Starry Night, thought not as famous as the other. I greatly enjoyed the reflective effect of the water, and how he handles the star light.
A nice view of a church at night, I enjoyed the way he set the tone of it, giving it a nice solemn feeling to the viewer. The strokes are noticeable, as standard of his style, and works well.
A landscape painting of a rural area, I enjoyed his use of colors, and how his brush-strokes helped compliment them. I particularly lied the way how the sky and clouds looked, with a gently wavy look.
A portrait of a man dressed in black, against a dark green background. The look on his face appears to be of the melancholic variety, implying great hardship. This man is a common subject of Van Gogh.
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