"Every age projects its own image in its arts." The Renaissance era was a period of cultural revival, and the reintroduction of the classical ideas of Greece and Rome. The art of this time depicted themes of realism, secularism, and humanism. Many High Renaissance artists used techniques such as perspective and chiaroscuro to portray these themes, including Raphael and Michelangelo. 

A portrait of Pope Leo X, by Raphael, portrays a more secular tone, despite the presence of a religious leader. The painting is very realistic, bringing out one of the key themes of Renaissance art.
This painting by Raphael shows a brief flashabck to a more medieval style. Being noticeably less advanced, it is easy to tell that this is an earlier painting by Raphael.
This sketch done by Raphael, used for a larger work later on, portrays a theme of realism, given the incredible detail and accuracy. It displays secularism as well, given its non-religious tone.
One of the many paintings of Madonna and child done by Raphael. Although far from perfect, this painting is much more realistic than those of the Middle Ages. Realism is portrayed through small detail, and shading.
Michelangelo is quite possibly one of the most famous artists of the Renaissance era, especially in the area of sculpting. In this piece, he goes greatly into detail with things such as the folds in the cloth. Little details like this help to portray a theme of realism.
Yet another sculpture by Michelangelo, going greatly in depth with detail. Michelangelo's great skill with human anatomy helps to draw the piece together, and make it that much more realistic.
This small sketch by Michelangelo does not contain much, but yet again shows the skill that he possessed in the area of the human body.
One final piece by Michelangelo. This sketch portrays three men, all drawn with great detail. The folds in their clothing are shaded flawlessly, giving more realistic influence to the piece. Secularism is also present, due to the non-religious tone of the piece.
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