The Artistry Of Music

The incorporation of musical instruments, elements and musicians in art.

The Relief Under Apollo is a marble relief depicting several musical instruments - including violins, flutes, recorders and even a lute - being hung from a nail attached to a wall. Towards the top of the piece you can see what appears to be the globe with people dancing about as its focus. This connects to my theme in that it shows musical instruments artfully carved into stone..
The next piece in this series it the Baroque-esque painting called "The Five Senses, Hearing". This painting is a portrait of man in mid-bowing of his violin as he plays a song. The painting shows this very well by showing the curling of his fingers around the neck of the violin as if he is going to push down on the fret to activate the next note, while his right wrist is bent showing the action is yet to be completed. This connects to my theme very bluntly as it is a man playing a beautiful instrument and having it captured on canvas.
This oil painting is a portrait of Benny Goodman, A swing and jazz musician and clarinetist. Benny was known as the "king of swing" which was known to be a very vibrant and in your face style of music from the big band era. This can be seen very poignantly in this painting. The use of short brush strokes to compose the image gives a sense of controlled chaos and energy, something very similar to the music he played.
This is a bust of the great composer , Ludwig van Beethoven made of bronze. Known to be both headstrong and boastful , the artist who created this captured that essence by depicting him with quite the grimace as if to show his musical prowess over others. As to how this connects to my topic, I feel no piece connects better than the true pioneer of piano composition.
This sand sculpture is of Tchaikovsky, the famous Russian composer, as well as some ballerinas. This is due to the fact that he was the one who brought about the creation of ballet music , instead of it simply being background music. This can be seen in the sculpture by noticing how Tchaikovsky is more prominently jutted out of the image than that of the ballerinas behind him and beside him. This draws more focus to him, as his music often brought more focus than that of the dancers themselves.
This painting is a still live of sever musical instruments. The painting contains several illuminated yet dusty instruments including a harpsichord as well as a violin, with some books with music notation peaking out against a black back drop. It is glimpse into the world of 17th century music, and that it the reason this painting is also in my gallery.
Music Hall Interior is a pastel/charcoal sketch of a cellist playing to a woman in a music hall. The drawing is very broad in its execution, keeping to a more basic structure rather than making it realistic. The drawing also displays the joy of music, as the woman is dancing along to the music the cellist is playing. This is also reinforced by the bright blues, greens and yellows contrasting the charcoal of the cellist's back.
Farmer's Music is an oil painting hailing from Korea. This painting displays a group of people playing several instruments while dancing and singing. The use of white for the dancers helps to draw your focus to them. This painting also embodies my chosen theme by having a obvious expression of music and song.
Like the other drawing with a similar title and style, this is another sketch called the Music Hall Singer. This drawing is of a woman crooning the patrons of the music hall. The blending of yellow, blues with hints of purple and green over a white backdrop on the singers skirt - as well as the brownish orange blend over her top and hair, draw attention to the singer from the viewer.
This painting is call Musical Group on a Balcony, This oil painting is of several people playing and singing around the railing of a balcony. The interesting perspective , as if looking up creates a sort of round about scene within this painting. With a pale blue backdrop, it makes it very easy for the vibrant reds and yellows to catch your attention.
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