Beautiful art that i like

Still Life with Flowers An abundance of Colours, in a flower format
Italian Landscape with Draftsman This one reminds me of the Lake District, Beautiful
Still Life with Turkey Pie This one reminds me very much of Christmas Day, and it also makes me hungry.
Paul heals the Cripple This is a beautiful religious picture of Saint Paul, who is in a state of healing a cripple.
A Watermill To me this is a beautiful relaxing picture.
A Pelican and other Birds near a Pool or The Floating Feather I love this picture, because of the different abundance of birds.
Allegory of the Sciences This to me is a beautiful picture. i particulary like the way that the artist has managed to capture all of the different expressions on their faces.
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit The flowers by the fruit to me look ever so beautiful, they both give off a fresh clean glow to me.
The Stone Bridge This is a beautiful picture, relaxing and softening to the eye.
Landscape with Waterfall This picture reminds me of the river down by Bolton Abbey.
The Apparition of Christ to the People This is a beautiful picture, to me healing and relaxing.
The Black Sea (a storm begins to whip up) This picture to me is very beautiful, tranquil, and relaxing.
Our Lady of Guide of Wayfarers This is a lovely picture of our Lady and baby Jesus.
Via Appia at Sunset This is a relaxing and beautiful picture.
Christ in the Wilderness This is a lovely picture of Jesus, which seems to me full of sadness, but yet full of Hope and Joy.
Pancake Week This picture reminds me very much of Christmas and Happy Times.
Rooks have Returned This to me is a relaxing and very christmassy picture.
Rye This is a relaxing and beautiful picture.
Our Lady of the Great Panagiya This is a wonderful picture of Our Lady.
Ustyug Annunciation This is a very beautiful picture to me of when the archangel Gabriel told Our Lady that she would be the mother of the one and only son of God.
Genealogy of the state of Muscovy (Panegyric to Our Lady of Vladimir) This is a beautiful picture of our Lady.
Virgin Eleousa of Kykkos This is another beautiful picture of our Lady and Baby Jesus. These sorts of religious pictures, i find difficult to put into words. To me they are beyond words of our reckoning.
Wet Meadow This is a beautiful and relaxing picture.
Credits: All media
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