Goat with a Pearl Earring - Sierra McLawhorn

This gallery is a collection of artwork unified by the subject of goats. The collection includes a variety of mediums and styles, including realism, drawings, paintings, and more. Through the use of formal elements and principals of design--lines, shape, balance, etc.--each piece emphasizes the depicted goats. The mass majority of these artworks come from the 1600s-1800s.

Goats is an etching of a field with three goats along the foreground, and two human figures along the background. Because of the proportions, the goats are the primary subjects of the piece; however, the two humans are composed in the center, drawing some of the attention to them. This piece uses lines in a sort of crosshatched pattern to create darker shadow areas. These lines also create a texture to the goats' fur and the greenery that surrounds them. The highlighted areas on the right help to balance out its larger subjects with the darker goat subject on the left.
Two Goats Lying Down is a drawing of two goats in a lying in the shade, overlooking a group of people in a meadow-like area. The goats are prominent subjects, as the title suggests, and are made the focal point through proportion and darker color. The entire image was created with different patterns of lines, which are also used as a technique to make the shaded areas. The heaviness of the dark goats is balanced by the large expanse of sky at the top.
Children and Goats Resting by a Felled Tree is exactly as its name describes. A group of young women and small children, accompanied by goats with small kids are resting and playing on a piece of a fallen tree. This drawing uses some watercolor with muted greens, browns, and blues, giving it a calming effect. The goats and humans are equaled in number (aside from the person in the background) and create an interesting comparison. The subjects take up a large majority of the space, and are created with more deliberate lines and darker contrasting colors to make them more emphasized. In this image, the humans and goats appear as equals.
Goat in a Landscape is an etching of a goat, balanced on a rock, trying to reach the leaves on a leaning tree. This piece is an interesting study of curving shapes, as the goat and tree and both curved toward one another. The tree and rock frame the goat at the center, and the goat is further accentuated by it's highlighted areas contrasted with its darker outlining shadows. The piece is created with different patterns of crosshatching, including the faint background sky area. The closer, heavier lines help to create the shaded portions, while areas lacking or sparsely lined appear as highlights. The image shows a lot of detail, especially in the foliage by the tree and the fur on the goat, which gives the drawing a lot of texture.
Goat and Two Kids, is a drawing of a mother goat, standing by her two baby goats as they lie in rest. The goats, particularly the mother, take up nearly the entire space, making them the sole focus. While the goats are in detail, the background is sparse and the lines are further apart, making it less intense. The lines creating the goats give the illusion of a fur texture. The closer line create shading and darker markings on them, while the white color makes a contrasting highlight in comparison to the dark areas and the grayish material of the paper. With all of the goats facing the viewer, it can serve as a study of their different expressions; one of the kids has is mouth open in a bleat, while the other two goats are gazing more serenely.
The Ferocious Goat is a painting of a blue goat on a red and green background. This painting is an abstract piece, created through several patterns. The goat itself has a curved line pattern that appears to overlap each other. In contrast, the background is made with small dots. Color plays a large part in this piece, with the red, green, and blue being very vibrant and adding to the "ferociousness". The goat's open mouth expression reveals its teeth, and it's forward body motion also add to the impression that it is charging something. The goat is the only subject in this artwork, and it takes up the majority of the space.
Rocky Mountain Goat is a lithograph with watercolor of a standing goat and another goat lying next to it on a mountainous backdrop. The white goats are very detailed, with gray tones to add dimension and shading in their fur. Even their eyes have catchlights in them. When zoomed in, you can see fine hair that create a soft, furry texture. The mountains and grass each have texture as well, but the rocky mountains have a more solid feel/look to them, with deeper shading. With the goats facing opposite directions, a more balanced composition is created. The gray tones and deeper greens makes the image feel cold and expansive, with the goats being the only living creatures in site.
Study of a Goat is a simple, yet realistic sketch of a goat lying down, chewing its cud. Freeformed waving squiggled lines create shading and a slight background to the subject. White highlights stand out on the brown paper material. The sketched lines give an impression of movement and life to the drawing. As the singular subject, and with no competing background, the goat is the focus point and is appropriately composed in the center of the work.
Shepherd Boy with Two Goats is a drawing of a young shepherd sitting with two goats, one standing and one lying down next to him. The drawing is created with different lines. These lines are dark and purposeful, which help to contrast with the brightness of the image. The bright areas are actually created with blank space, such as the sky and the highlights on the subjects. The overall drawing is filled, with the subjects taking up a large portion of the center and foreground, and distant trees and part of a wooden fence in the background. The closeness of the subjects and their relaxed positions gives some insight into their relationship. The curving lines in the fur of the goats helps to create a bit of movement in the piece.
Kashmir Goats is a painting of a hilly area with three goats under a group of trees. The painting is done in muted tones, with varying greens for each hill in the distance, a faint blue sky, and shades of white and brown on the goats. The goats are arranged with two white ones on the outside and one brown goat in the center, giving it some symmetry. The painting is also balanced by the prominent goats looking towards the left, while the tall trees are more towards the right. The painting itself is in an oval shape, accentuated by the downward canopy of the trees at the top. The brightness of the goats help them to standout from the darker background, and as the only living subjects aside from the trees, they are the focal point of the piece. The goats also wear happy expressions, with upturned mouths that almost look like a smile.
Credits: All media
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