Erin Bloom


Shape is a two dimensional area. This shows shape because it isn't coming out in any direction, it is flat, and just lays there.
Form is a 3-D object. This shows form because it comes out and does not just lay there flat.
Space is the area around an object and within. This shows space because there is areas in and around the object that is not covered by anything.
Line is the path that a dot follows. This shows line because it actually has a line as though it is the floor of which the person is walking on.
Texture is how something feels or how it looks as if it feels. This shows texture because part of the vase is popping out and has feeling.
Value is the lightness and darkness of the object. This shows value because it has different shades of neutral colors.
Color is the reflection of light that your eye sees. This shows color because there is a brown, a yellow, and a green paint on the bowl.
Rhythm is the illusion of movement created by pattern. This shows rhythm because there are several of the same guy in a row.
Pattern is repeating objects. This shows pattern because on bother the ewer and basin there is the exact same pattern all the way around.
Movement is the actual or visual motion. This shows movement because its like the people are doing something, they are moving around.
Balance is the equal weight on both sides. This shows balance because both sides, no matter where you look are the exact same.
Proportion is the relative size of one part to another. This shows proportion because the person is a relateble size to a human.
Variety is the different elements combined. This shows variety because there is different plants/sizes of the plants.
Emphasis is something that stands out. This shows emphasis because it is emphasizing the different shapes made to make the jar.
Harmony is finding similarities between similarities. This shows harmony because there is one thing to look at and your eyes automatically go to the butterfly.
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