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I chose to you this work because i noticed that it uses the red and green color scheme.
This piece also uses a color scheme that i admire it is a triad of orange green and violet.
I chose this piece because i liked how the artist uses all the different color greens to create texture and depth.
I chose this amazing piece because i love to be crazy with color when i paint and i feel that is a true way to feel your color. and also because its very colorful.
I really like how the background is a blend of different colors to make it pop out.
I chose this art piece because it use blue and orange color scheme.
This piece use red and orange color.
I chose this because i like the color scheme or orange yellow and blue.
this piece is interesting how it uses different colors just bunched together.
I chose this because it was different to me than all the rest of the paintings. this is watercolor paint.
This piece use diferent shades of orange and violet to show depth.
This piece is very good. i chose because of how the dark blue in the background makes the yellow stand out so well.
I chose this because it is almost like reflect in a way but the color is beautiful.
i chose to do this one because of the glow that the color gives to this photo.
This photo i chose because it has alot of color but nun of the colors are light showing thats it was dark but still colorful.
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