Give me love or give me war - Ashlee Bishop

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation, in Roman Mythology she is known as Venus. Many gods believed that her beauty was so powerful that there would be rivalry over her and could spark a war of the gods. Because of this, Zeus forces her to be married to Hephaestus – he wasn’t seen as a threat because of his ugliness and deformity. Despite being married to Hephaestus, she had many lovers and affairs that included both gods and men refusing to stay with someone she didn't truly love. My gallery is about Aphrodite/ Venus and her love, passion, and affair with the God of War. Their love is so strong but they are on the opposite spectrum. She is love and beauty where he is war and pain but yet love conquers all.

This painting depicts the goddess Venus coming out of the sea, which is her birth story. She is surrounded by gods and goddesses. Venus is at the center of the composition and becomes the focal point. Because she is so beautiful, many come to gaze upon her. This piece has balance and harmony between combining and similar elements that are throughout the painting.
This painting depicts the "competition" between the three most beautiful goddesses of Olympos--Aphrodite, Hera and Athena to see who is fairest of them all. Aphrodite, being the most beautiful and desirable by all wins, proving her beauty can overpower and cause fight for the fairest maiden around.
This sculpture depicts Venus and Mars, naked, tenderly embrace in each others arms. Their bodies express the love and intimacy in their posture, but their faces remain emotionless as if it was the mental battle knowing the love between polar opposites was wrong. This sculpture shows shape, it is a self contained defined area of organic form that flow throughout their entwined bodies. Creating negative shape between the gaps.
This painting depicts Cupid binding Mars to Venus with a love knot. The picture also has different representations of love and what is can do. Venus has milk flowing from her breasts which shows the nurturing development of it, and Mars has his horse restrained which is the development of civilization. It could also represent the God of war being restrained by the power of love. Love makes peace, and silences fighting.
This painting is of Mars, Venus, Cupid and the dog. As usual, Venus is the center of attention. She is being carefully caressed and undressed by Mars. Cupid reaches up for Venus while playing with the dog on the floor. This piece starts to show the underlying power love had over war. This painting also has dominance because Venus is much brighter then everything else which draws the eye to her.
This piece shows Mars sitting in the bed while gazing upon Venus. Two white doves sit at the bottom of the painting, symbolizing peace. A sleeping Venus charms the God of War as he's lost in his gaze. In this picture, the painter wants the viewer to see how her love is calming a the fierce God of War, showing his shield and sword abandoned on the floor under the two doves. This painting has the element of line, following the direction of the drapes it draws and leads your eye to the lovers in the bed, the center focus point of the piece.
Mars sits looking lost with a shield and sword at his feet, its as though he is distracted by his love, drawing his attention away from war and to Venus. Behind him, the battle rages on. Cupid is flying past him with a heart in his hand that represents the love of Venus and Mars, Cupid shows to be ready to push an arrow through it. This painting has contrast in tone and value. Between the harsh lights and the dark, darks it helps separate Mars, the foreground, from the war, the background.
This painting depicts the madness of Vulcan's forge in the background while Venus leans into the embrace of Mars, who is absorbed by her gaze. Him being caught up in his attraction to the goddess, Mars is no longer able to think about war and carry out his military duties. Venus removed his helmet all while removing his mind from War.
This painting depicts Venus getting pampered by her maidens while Mars is lost in a daze, watching his love be pampered. He uses his shield as a mirror for Venus, as if his desire for war and violence is calmed by love. He disregards the real purpose of his shield, meant for war and fighting, but yet changes it to be a tool of beauty and love.
This piece shows of the triumph of love over war. It shows Mars the all mighty God of War trapped by Venus, the Goddess of Love, caught in a gaze. All while they're lost in each others love, her attendant Cupids make toys of his weapons and armor as though he did not care for them anymore. He threw away the weapons and replaced them with love. This piece has harmony because in painting harmony is the visually satisfying effect of combining similar, related elements. In this piece it uses similar colors and contrasts to keep it all together.
Credits: All media
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