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Worship and Ritual is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. The function of the art of worship and ritual is that it enhances religious contemplation, and most of the world’s religions have found numerous ways to incorporate artist’s creativity into their sacred rituals, places, and ceremonies. I think this idol of Marichi represent the art of worship and ritual. Standing in pratyaldha posture on the chariot drawn by seven pigs, the figure of Marichi is the goddess Buddhist of solar energy. The goddess has eight hands and in each hand she holds one different thing. She is also accompanied by four female attendants, a pair in each in the lower and upper sections. The purpose of this statue is to worship this Buddhist god. She is worshipped all over China, Japan and the towards the south of India. The author is unknown for beautiful statue, but whoever made this truly believed in the sense that goddess of sun and light are with them.
Commemoration is when a ceremony or a celebration in which a person or event is remembered. Commemoration of any kind connects us with the chain of humanity that stretched back for millennia, making human life seem more significant and valuable. The Somme valley Near Corbie painted by Arthur Streeton represent art of commemoration. After the battle of Hamel in 1918, Arthur Streeton the official war artist produced a number of sketches looking across the town of Corbie towards Le Hamel. The sketches of the valley with its leafy, green trees and meandering river, later became the basis for Streeton's depiction of the ferocious opening artillery barrage. In April of 1918 the Germans had advanced until the Australians held them at Villers-Bretonneux, a small village in the center distance of the painting. In the painting, Streeton depicts the second phase of the Australian attack which began on the Somme on the morning of August 8, 1918. In this paining it is showing how the British artillery is destroying the German position on the skyline.
Self-portrait is a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist. Self expression is not the only primary reason for creating art, it is the artist’s way of communicating to his peers. Self-portraits are often used as a privates possession, that’s why it is one of the quickest to go in a deal. I think the self-portrait of Vince van Gogh represents the art of self expression. Under the influence of Neo-Impressionist color theory, he based this painting on contrast of complementary colors. The overall blue-green tone of the back the painting's background serves as a foil to the orange-red of the artist's hair and beard. The intensity of the colors is enhanced by the brushwork, the painting's energy and turbulence hint at the inner life of the artist. Vince van Gogh has created numerous self portraits, with different types of style and colors.
Persuasion is the action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something. Everybody uses propaganda, art, and even commercials to convince people to think like them. They invite and urge to do or think things that we may not have otherwise thought. I think the Crowning with Thorns is the art of persuasion, because the way they depict Christ in the picture, making Christ look like he did something wrong because he is being stabbed in the back. Caravaggio characterizes the varied physical appearance of the protagonist. Christ's delicate skin is obvious contrast the bronzed appearance of his tormentors. His exposed, outstretched neck, which has been forced into horizontal position, is a clear indication of brutality of the action.
Commentary is an expression of opinions or offering of explanation about an event or situation. Art has often been used to our need for information. Back in the nineteenth century, artist would provide a visual account of an event or a person, or by a expressing an opinion, artists have shaped not only the way people understand their own world but also how their culture is viewed by others. This painting of the Episode #1 is the art of commentary by Guy Denning. The words are in French and when translated it says, "I am not Britain, French, Latvian, Chinese, English, I am all that both men, I am universal world general. He is basically saying that people should not be labeled, that everyone is the same inside and out
Delight is pleasing someone greatly or taking great pleasure. Visual delight in a work of art can take many forms, including an appreciation of beauty or decoration, or delight in an element of surprise. Most definitions of beauty in a painting include a pleasant or inspiring subject, thoughtful execution, and a harmonious balance of colors in a pleasing arrangement. This painting Tribute to Norman McLaren 2 by Jason Cantoro, is the art of delight. I really like the colors Cantoro uses in the painting. The way the couple on the side are embracing in each other is just beautiful. This painting for me would be an aesthetic painting, because it makes an awareness to is beauty that the quality in a work of art should have.
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