the era of religion and culture

My art collection is very history based. The Byzantine Empire brought religion to art and it influenced a lot of aspects of life in the ancient times. Icons and mosaics were very and popular in the Byzantine Empire. Icons were the center of controversy, because of the religion and some people wanted the religion gone from art. Most of Byzantine art was based on religion. 

This icon reminds me of one the Iconoclasm would ban. I think it is important to religion and it is pretty.
This art piece is so beautiful and I love how it kinda idealizes the woman.
I picked this because it depicts an important part of the Byzantine empire and it is impressive.
I really like this mosaic because it is so complex and I like the design it makes.
I like this icon because it is of a virgin and a child, which reminds me of jesus and mary.
I really like this icon because it is so detailed, but simple.
This is very interesting and I like how Christ and Apostle are on it. I feel like the emperor of someone with a paramount status would use this.
I picked this because it looks like someone from Byzantine would wear this belt. The gold is very beautiful.
I really like the detail and how the colors blend together. It makes me think this is what Byzantine would look like.
I picked this because it is religious and I like how the colors go together.
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