The Symmetry of Life

Life is a constant cycle of numerous experiences in our day to day life. Think of it as a metronome with each end of the spectrum being polar opposites. Good and bad. Lust and Love. Fear and desire. All of these things coexist together thus we are bound to experience them. However, like a metronome, no matter how far the scale dips to either side, it always finds its way back to the center. Life is always in balance no matter what. We must allow ourselves to embrace every aspect of life. For death there is also life. For light there is also dark. Embrace them as they are. In simple terms, the aim of my work is to explore opposing aspects of life and observe how these experiences maintain symmetry between them throughout our lives. 

Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Embracing a vibrant life will provide warm memories when called into the calm of death.
Desire and fear are of different essence but similar effects on the mind. Don't allow them to haunt your nights and limit your days. Face them. Move forward.
A charitable lifestyle is a path chosen by the few. Not for praise. For the benefit of others. If you have something to give. Give it.
Greed is charity's evil brother. Those who choose greed, attain much personal wealth but lack in spiritual enlightenment. Not even their numerous assets can't hide their vile spirit.
Lust is the part of life that we tend to hide from ourselves. Typically its only service is to satisfy the body. Accept and enjoy lust but do not lose yourself in it.
Love is a more fulfilling aspect of life compared to lust. Finding truth in a deep connection with another will lead to love. "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me the truth."
Your life is yours to live. If fate is certain, then why waste time worrying. Embrace life and laugh at fate. Or as Epictetus put it..."I must die. But must I die bawling?"
No matter what aspect of living we go through, there will always be an opposite. In life the scales will always be even and the cycle will always continue.
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