Good Vibes- Jacob Minotti

Have you ever found yourself like a deer in headlights just mesmerized by the sheer beauty of nature. Artists all across the ages have been capturing this feeling through their artwork. In this gallery you’ll find artwork that depicts the peace and tranquility found in nature capturing its beauty.

This beautiful scene of autumn foliage along a river bank. What really works well in this piece is the Triadic color scheme between the colors of the foliage and using the blues as secondary colors.
This piece captivates a river flowing through a forest during autumn. The Analogous color scheme of reds and oranges makes the piece give off a very peaceful vibe.
In this photo you can see a forest looks like it’s been hit by a storm with three lumberjacks trying to clean up. The lighting is kind of bright but dim tinted which could symbolize new beginnings.
This painting of two birch trees surrounded by Autumn colors. The white of the birch trees builds a contrast and the rest of the Autumn scenery making them really stand out from the rest of the painting. The bends in the trunks and branches of the two birch trees really add to the organic vibes bringing the painting to life.
In this painting created by Adrian Ludwig Richter, we have large river flowing through the land. On the left you have a group of women, children, dogs and sheep resting behind a few trees and bushes. Off into the distance you have rolling hills with a tower built on top of them. Then on the right you can see some a few boats on the waterfront while in the background there’s some sheep grazing. This painting is beautiful, with the lighting it looks to morning as the sun is rising. The light reflection off of the water is a beautiful, realistic touch that really captivates nature’s beauty. The smooth rounded lines of the grassy hills and ripples in the water really give this piece it’s edge giving of a very serene feeling.
In this painting created by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot she gives us a beautiful landscape that sits on a lake during sunset. There’s a man in his canoe that seems to be pushing off of shore to head out onto the lake. The contrasting colors of the lake and mountains and the colors of the lake as you come closer to the shore where the man is creates a natural shadow on the water which allows Corot to add some shadow reflections into the water. Like nature, this piece has so much details to take in it truly gives an accurate depiction of Mother Nature.
In this painting created by John Frederick Kensett, you have a very large mountain in the background surrounded by rolling green hills and what appears to be a small body of water(perhaps a pond). The depth of the mountains and hills really bring out the realism of the scenery, giving the viewer the feeling as if they were actually standing there. Also, this piece has a sense of unity because the mountain on its own feels woefully incomplete but the hills and the pond around it gives it the lush life it needs to bring the piece together.
Morgan Colt’s painting of a barn behind some leafless trees. The texturing that Colt uses in this piece is really nice as it looks like a lot of the scenery sort of blends in together distancing the art from the viewer giving an interesting take on nature and its surroundings.
In this painting captured by William Taverner you have what looks like a serene park with some statues, a pond in the middle and people relaxing around it. What really brings this piece together nicely is the lighting Taverner used. By shadowing areas but letting the light shine in onto the pond allows it to give emphasis to the pond and the tranquility of the area.
Sanford Gifford’s Painting of Kauterskill Falls is a beautiful work of nature. You have a waterfall surrounded by a rocky platform with what looks like a home in the background. The flow shown in this painting from the waterfall allowing the eyes to wander down the falls as a focal point.
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