The Beauty of Touch and Feeling

This gallery will display works of art that describe the theme of texture.

I chose this piece because you can see the individual brush strokes representing impressionism that give it some type of feel or texture to the painting.
Like the first one you can see the representation of impressionism by the individual brush stokes that give this painting texture. You have a feel to something that is smooth compared to something that is rough.
If you zoom in real close you can see the white streaks that are very small in detail but give an overall feel of texture in the painting.
The way the painting was drawing gives the painting a very fluid like feel in a nature type of settings. Very appealing and represents texture of the paint well.
In this painting the texture of the paint is actually 3D, allowing you to touch the piece and get a sense of what each material is made of.
Even though it lacks the detail, you can see the individual lines that make up the composition of the piece. Built up to show texture.
I chose this image because you can feel the bricks coming right off the page! (not really, but mentally)
Zooming in to this picture you can see the type of brush strokes that build this painting. they follow the same curved lines that give the texture a nice feel.
Same with the last picture this photo is consisted of a buildup of squiggly line that create an overall interesting texture to the painting.
You are able to see the brush strokes and in a wavy type of way to portray a midwestern, farmlike look, which impacts the painting immensely.
Very simple yet power way to portray texture in a painting by the thick brush strokes.
This piece is my favorite piece because it is a painting on a texture surface. For instance this snail is just a normal painting, yet the texture of the wall behind it gives it more of an appealing look.
Very fascinating piece and portrays texture by the amount of detail put into the painting. You are able to make out what every little detail is made of.
Very easy to read knowing that the boat is made of wood, the water is very wet, and the fish is slimy.
Water is very hard to make out texture wise and make it look realistic because it's so complicated with the way it bends light. Overall appealing piece with nice textures.
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