Life at Sea

In this gallery we will be looking at different scenes of naval adventures. While these paintings share the same focus of ships out at sea, they all have a very different and unique takes on the same subject. Across these works we will see ships setting out to sea, the many mishaps while at sea, and even a few returns. A really cool aspect I like about this set of paintings is how each one portrays water, some use lighter shades while others use darker colors, and the choice of including waves and how many or even at what frequency. I choose this theme because traveling across the sea is a dream I have always wanted to realize and by analyzing these works of art I can get a sense of what life across the ocean would be like.

I choose this piece first because it represents the beginning of a journey. It sets the tone for the rest of the gallery. It represents a departure into a long voyage.
I choose this piece because of the feeling it gives me. When I see this work I can see men struggling against the waves, but the light shining through gives me the idea that everything will be okay.
In this painting the ship in the middle, the "Kingfisher" held off seven different Barbary ships for ten hours. This shows the part of the dangers of life at sea.
This painting fits because it shows the risks of being out in the ocean. In this still moment you can tell it's the calm before the storm. Minutes before mother nature takes her toll.
This is one of my favorites in the collections for its use of chiaroscuro. Looking at this painting gives me a sense of dread and helplessness, a vast difference from the other works in the gallery.
This painting depicts a biblical story where Jesus calms the storm. This painting actual had several different interpretations before Delacroix decided on this one.
In Manet's painting I see workers going home after a long day fishing, bringing in what little they have.
And we end with a journey completed. The shadow of the ship as if cruises home. As the sun is setting it gives a special color to the water which makes this painting stand apart from the others.
Credits: All media
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