sara's art critique gallery 2015

The expression of hope and longing in her eyes is well. I like the colors used, sort of like to set the mode of the painting.
I like the shading of this drawing. Also the way the model chose to pose with a mask to keep herself anonymous. To me it represents something as to keeping secrets, or hiding yourself from the outside
I love the brushstrokes Degas made and the whole scene of this painting. The way some girls are paying attention and others are messing. Also the one girl on the piano scratching her back.
The brushstrokes are very well. I love the feeling and expressions the painter did. The knowing of company but the silence and feeling between the two strangers sitting next to each other in the cafe.
I really like the woman's face, showing of being embarrassed. Or the little girl and the other man looking at the man and woman at the swing. I also like the strokes of the brush.
I really like the look of loneliness, sadness, and silence in her expression on her face.
I really love the shading and the meaning/expression. The man in the night full of rage with his claws dripping of the dead man's blood. And the look on the man's face; like a crazy person or killer.
I like the scenery of the painting and the oil on the canvas giving some sort of texture.
I like the colors and smooth strokes Munch used. And the feeling of the screaming of nature.
I like the stokes and looseness of the painting. Also the colors and how it fills the canvas.
Credits: All media
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