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    Pieter Bruegel was a Netherlandish painter. Because he lived in a time so long ago, we do not have exact information about him, but we do know that he was born between 1525 and 1530 in a small town near Breda, on the now Dutch-Belgian border. He was a part of a very large family of artists. He brought a sort of humanizing spirit to traditional objects. Bruegel was a painter and a designer for engravings. At many points in his life, he traveled to Italy looking for inspiration for his art work. Instead of sticking with the theme for artists of his time, he became an independent artist and revived the late Gothic style of another famous artist. He took this style and made it more complex and original. Before all of his fame, he was mentored by Van Mander. His first signed painting was called the Combat of Carnival and Lent. It was made in 1559. In 1563, Bruegel married his mentor’s daughter. Many of his famous paintings are from when he went to and returned from Italy in 1555. He and his wife moved to a small town of Antwerp soon after they married. Also, Bruegel painted a lot of landscaped from Antwerp. Some of his most famous pieces of art were called the Seven Deadly Sins. The Seven Deadly Sins were engravings that showed Bruegel’s view on, well, everything. These particular pieces of his artwork especially showed his view on the Christian cosmos. A lot of Bruegel’s pieces were based on the Flemish commoners. Because of this, people nicknamed him “peasant Bruegel.” Bruegel’s art was mostly landscapes or landscapes with people in them but his work was very advanced and sophisticated for his time. Pieter Bruegel truly was a great artist.

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