Touched by Nature (lakenziel cooks)

Touched By Nature is a gallery that speaks for the art inspired by nature. It contains art that represents different landscapes of nature painted in different ways leaving them to feel differently physically and psychologically. It consists of painting done with oil, watercolor, wood, canvas, and paper. Lets explore the texture of each piece of nature in this gallery.

This particular piece of art gives me the feeling of peace. The nature of the mountains and the detail in the water and trees adds feeling to this piece of art. Albert Bierstadt created this oil on canvas painting in 1865 and titled it Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California. It consists of a peaceful view of the valley providing a view of nature at its finest. The mountains are so defined that it looks like if you touch the painting you may feel the rock.
The flowers portrayed in this piece of art can symbolize many different things depending on the owner or viewer of the painting. Rubens Peale created this piece of craft in 1856. He titled this remarkable piece of art From Nature in the Garden. It consisted of an arrangement of flowers grown in his garden and in his greenhouse between January and December of 1856. The light brush strokes throughout the painting make it feel smooth and the feeling I get from viewing it is a feeling of relief.
This piece of art is titled A View of Cincinnati from Forest Hills, Kentucky and the artist is unknown. This piece of work is supposed to be created around ca. 1855 with oil on canvas. Nature is represented in this piece not only through the trees and the water and sky but also through the form of the platform. This painting depicts the fact that earth is not a flat and even surface. I think the artist felt open minded when painting this piece. This is a smooth painting.
George J Stengel gave this painting to the Hudson River Museum as a gift. She created this masterpiece between c.1920- c. 1925 and titled it Afternoon Reflections. This painting represents how nature interacts with one another. The reflection of the trees in the water can result in an illusion of movement. The water is always flowing which while looking into it the reflection of the trees look like they are moving although they may be at a stand still. This image makes me feel at ease.
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley is a painting by Albert Bierstadt created in ca. 1870. This remarkable painting can now be found at Amon Carter Museum of American Art located in Fort Worth, Texas. Bierstadt captured a memorable moment of nature. He captured nature’s own sunrise at Yosemite Valley. This image touches me by inspiring me to venture off to places I have never been. It gives me a feeling of freedom. The texture of the rocks look jagged and the water has a smooth feel.
Woodland Scene is a piece of art that was created with oil on wood panel by Willard Leroy Meftcalf in c. 1886. The fact that this painting was created on nature itself is one reason it was added to this gallery. The fact that if you was to touch this painting it will feel like the environment it represents if amazing. The swamp like portrait is all nature and you can see the texture in this piece exceptionally well.
John Singer Sargent created this painting around the 1890’s. This piece of art was created using oil on canvas and was titled Near June Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. This painting consists of a single tree of nature blowing in the wind. The bold strokes in this painting and its blurry effect give the illusion of movement. I think the artist of this creation wants the views to feel calm allowing the brush strokes to feel like the touch of grass.
This painting is very different from majority of the rest in this gallery. This is a watercolor on paper painting titled October on Lake Dunmore, Vermont. James Renwick Brevoort created this amazing piece of work in 1895. This painting shows how nature works with seasons given the fact that the artist used autumn colors. This piece of work makes me feel joyful. The touch of this painting is soft and subtle.
Martin Johnson Heade a well-known American artist painted Florida Sunrise. This is oil on canvas painting created between c.1890-1900. The piece of nature within this piece of art represents the feeling of success. The way nature separates land is expressed in this painting. The soft brush strokes create a smooth touch throughout the painting. This painting is also located inside the White House.
John Francis Murphy created this piece of history in c. 1897. This piece is untitled but is considered (Scene at Arkville) and is a oil on canvas painting. This painting is of a few small trees of nature and an open field of hills. The painting has hard brush strokes and has cracking lines throughout it causing it to feel rough as if the artist was going through a rough time.
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