The Colorful Art

Art with many meanings by color.

For Marc Chagall’s ceiling for the Paris Opera, Chagall gives off the impression of happiness using the various colors on the structure. For each small piece of artwork inside of the picture theirs a different color and has different things going on in them.
With Julio Romero de Torres’s “The fortune-telling”, The painting has a very soft kind of feel to it. The colors are very calm and don’t strain the eyes in any way possible. Also in complete black in the background there is a thief stealing from someone.
Rembrandt Harmensz. Van Rijn’s “The Abduction of Europa”, has a great amount of color detail. The vibrant colors give really guides you to the part of the scene that is meant to be focused on. The leading to the image by colors starts from the top left of the image heading to the middle of the image showing a dramatic scene.
Pieter Bruegel’s “The Fall of the Rebel Angels”, Has an abundance of colors like red, white, yellow, grey, blue, and green. All of the colors symbolize a different angel for each one except the color blue. The angels are all in a position of defeat, attack, or defensive.
Martin van Meytens “The Wedding Supper”, Has one color that reaches out to you as soon as you see at. Covering most of the image is the color of gold with mini chandelier’s hanging from the roof for the supper of a wedding and you can see with all of the individuals around the eating area.
P.S. Kroyer’s “Midsummer Eve bonfire on Skagen’s beach”, has amazing detail in it that focuses on the fire that the man is lighting which is also giving light to the individuals surrounding it. Also in the image you can see clouds covering part of a full moon over Skagen’s beach.
Alessandro Turchi’s “The Abduction of Helen” Has very strong colors, painted in great detail. The colors lead to the main focus of the picture and really shows you who “Helen” is and who is really being held back. The fire is lighting the area and as you get farther away from the fire the darker it gets.
Pieter Bruegel’s “The Tower of Babel” Is a landscape with a brown kind of a color that has many building deep into the background. Also to add there is a humongousbuilding that has one main focus that is right in the middle of the building and its red. The red part of the building has more detail rather than the background of the picture.
Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” is a very interesting color image that deals with numerous swirls. The impressionist has the flow of the colors creating mountians, trees, the moon, and stars. The colors are not in great detail but they are very calming to the eyes. Houses are created in the bottom half of the screen but most of the image is covered by the sky and tree.
Renatto Guttuso’s “Portrait of A. Moravia” Has some very detailed colors in it blue, red, and tan. The portrait has a feel of that there is some type of thought going on. The colors in this image are very smooth and flows very well with the portrait.
Karl Brullov’s “The Last Day of Pompeii” is a amazing image that is filled with color a detail. The way that the color is distributed through this picture leads to the fear of people in Pompeii because their homes are being destroyed while its storming. You can see the blood red sky in the background coming from the destruction also.
Johan Christian Dahl’s “View from Stalhiem” can be described in a number of ways. This image reveals a very interesting landscape that has detailed mountains, houses and trees split by a flowing river. Also going over the river and on top of the mountains was a rainbow filled with color. The main color than reach’s out to you is green, the color of grass and the trees and the vibrant rainbow.
Os Gemeos’s “Untitled” is an image that could mean a number of different things but what reaches out to me is how the use of the colors pink, green, and yellow are manipulated. You have someone sleeping in the air in the middle of a hole, a face on the ground, a walking lizard, and a abundance of others things. This is a very interesting picture overall and could be hard to describe if gazed upon.
Wolfgang Lettl’s “S. Maria di Siponto” produces the feel of calmness and gives the picture a bright look. Most of the image is being covered by the flowers of the art. The house in the background is a very calming white that compliments the whole picture.
Frank Dobson’s “The Balloon Apron” In this image Frank seems to be exploring the use of a variety of colors. The main color that gives the picture a lot of warmth is the sunset, simply because its faintly covered by smoke and clouds. The sunset puts a reflection onto the hillside and also on the trees.
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