Back to Eden

This contemporary collection consists of artists who deal with the aspect of nature either in their work as a whole or in a single piece. The concept behind this collection, is that no matter how industrial the world gets we as humans still seek the comfort of nature. This collection consists of a variety of of media (painting, ceramics, steal, photography, ect.) in which these artists went about to create their naturalistic pieces. One of the artist in this collection, Kim Do Myoung creates ceramic potted plants, however some of these pieces happen to be inside larger everyday objects, such as Beauty - Mediation Examine (2004), in which she places nature inside of a stack of ceramic newspapers. Another aspect that this artist plays with, along with the other artists in the collection, is the tranquility of nature and that the reason we seem to seek it in our extremely hectic lives, as shown in her painted piece Dream of Green (2006). These pieces use the everyday mixed with nature to spawn an oasis, to escape the everyday that is before us, and attempt to recreate the nature that is now lost.

Credits: All media
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