DavidCow Private Museum of Art

A personal collection of art by classic artists that helped me develop my appreciation for art over the years. Selected artists are some of my favorites.

Le's start from: A cow sculpture.
This is the first time I got a connection between a painting and inner feeling. His strokes made me feel... as the feeling of emotion from a visual ... death. And the first time: I got it.
His works always were with lighting but it seems the light was not existed, it only appeared as if it was the textures or colors itself
Illusion of distance
Th eyes went with the flow, it seems that u can merge with the painting and went into it
Making yellow reddish by green color wrapping it
Shadow is not black
Different white, low contrast
Drawing negative space
Reform anything
Focus on one part of pattern, and forgot the main item
Illusion of merging
Perspective in sculpture from Michelangelo
bones, and significant muscles at hip part
muscle fine lines
drawing negative forms
balance of imbalance and same color tonality
fade out and lighting
shocking white
The hardness of a 2D framework to show tall
balance of conplexity
balance of color and kid feeling
eyes passing through space and illusion of space
capturing the unused space
balance of weight
stunning effect
Everything forms defined by a gap
love and touching
different, headache and wardrobe emotions
the attraction of strength is throught he diagonal red domination... go onto the killing guy.
art of the art
Sound of picture; and scary curvy lines
love by embryonic layout
One of the Baroque style: nature dominated
long neck is elegant
one of the most difficult to paint - half transparent materials
unknown of nude in this picture. Nude=purity; naked=seduction(with decoration)
Illustration vs painting
paint the framework?!
Super detail = decoration = rich man = god
An intention of drawing a person without faces and with another creation (black cat). U may select white to see or black to be seen, but the balance of whole painting was so strong
Conjunction of cubes to construct the cloth floats for centre of interests
subtle diagonals to create drama
a painting without environment like a poster
like a detective kind of story, every postures, eye views, hands and stillness... but they seems acting with emotions with tension.
Everything seems normal, the skull is not. Items are meaning for telling stories behind, not just props.
Wild of colors to show brightness and darkness
from gesture to the layout of the whole painting, the imbalance of color, every parts are showing instablility
Renoir's skin!
Gauguin's investigation on close-and-far... eyes kept shifting upper part (dogs) and lower part (pears) with glasses are the middle axis
a composite with deep in to another sky with corridor space; and the pointed finger to help making a stable triangle to contrast with all rectangle stablility
just a cloth, but full of light and texture
Patchy sunlight
forms inside clothing
reflection cutting of an approach of abstracting a fox
perspective with three or more spacial places described
Who will paint a sea with white grey to show realism with emotion and sun shining?
Dubuffet's kindergarten
Miro: surreal bacteria floating lines and simple colors  (not this pict)
Keith Haring 's balance of strokes and spaces
character graffiti
see the unseen
color part are cut in or on top illusion
Chinese perspective (all point perspective): go with the audience's perspective (traveling with eyes) (This painting is just an example)
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