"Poisonville" and the energy of cities

The energy of cities plays a pivotal role in both "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" and "Red Harvest".  The environment that cities provides is fast paced, exciting, dangerous, and even corrupt.  Both works of literature provide insight to the result of mixing people of all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences in one confined place.  The works of art in this gallery will explore the darker side of cities and how greed, corruption, and crime are lurking around each city street corner. 

This photo features the interior of an apartment in Philadelphia. It captures the living environment of people in cities from another time. Even though the room is empty, it tells a story (Jacobs).
This art work has an almost graffiti-like appearance and features a gun surrounded by vibrant colors. This draws upon the murders committed by guns in "Red Harvest" as well as resembling street art.
This photo captures the essence of cities as seen in "Red Harvest" and "The Death and Life of Great American Cities". The man is not of this time era and is speeding down a city street.
This art piece represents the casualties as a result to violence in cities. The subject matter is ominous and reminds the viewer of death.
This image draws upon Jane Jacob's "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" when she discusses how city streets and spaces should attract all types of people from all walks of life (Jacobs 91).
This photo captures the theme of alcohol and nightlife featured in hardboiled fiction. The people socializing and drinking in this photo could be the same characters in "Red Harvest" (Hammett 47).
The subject features an evil smiling face and a small person shielding their eyes. The smiling face represents the corrupt people in cities and the small man represents common people (Hammet, Jacobs).
This features a scared or sad looking man inside a car with a broken windshield. This represents crime that can occur in cities such as vandalism and theft, as discussed in Jacobs's work (Jacobs 44).
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