COLOR ME HAPPY                 by: Jennifer fuss

I strongly believe that colors can have an effect on our moods. For example if you are in a room with bright yellow walls you may begin to feel stressed or anxious, but if you are in a room with light purple walls you may feel more relaxed and calm. In my art gallery I featured pieces that use certain colors and contrast, with a focus on nature, that causes us as the viewer to feel a certain emotion when looking at the piece. I hope you enjoy.

Depicted in this piece is what looks to be an owl. The owl has bright colored features and dark "skin". The colors used in this piece are the perfect mix of dark and bright colors and gives off the feeling of mystery or wonder.
It is common that we see bugs as being disgusting but this piece depicts bugs in a colorful and happy way by using bright colors. The colors used such as blue, green, and pastels for the background can often make us feeling happiness and cheer. It's hard not to smile when you look at this art piece.
This piece uses mostly darker brown colors and a yellowy orange hued background. Looking at this piece you may get the feeling of danger or being in a creepy setting. The contrast between the light background and dark trees is interesting.
This piece is very interesting. Nearly the whole piece was created with different shades of yellow which is a color that can often show happiness, cheer and joy. So even though the flowers depicted in this piece don't look like they are doing so well you still can't help but feel good inside when looking at this piece.
Depicted in this piece are multiple branches with blooming white flowers. The flowers are white which is often a color of purity. This is complimented by a light blue background which often represents peace. I believe this piece is very calming and relaxing and its simplicity brings a zen feeling to the viewer.
This image, like the one featured before it, has very pure and calming colors that contrast very well together. Depicted in this image is what looks to calm water and a bridge. The colors give the piece a very soothing feeling as if nothing can go wrong and you are safe.
This piece is very unique and depicts a coy fish. The contrast of the dark colors on the outside and lighter colors on the inside give the piece a nice border and frame effect.This piece is also a calming piece but instead of reflecting that through light and peaceful colors it uses darker colors that such as browns and greens that often represent stability and tranquility.
This piece uses two primary colors and contrast them very well. The blue shows mostly land and the yellow reflects possibly a sun filled sky. Both of these colors are happy colors and can bring joy to the viewer. I like how the yellow is almost all one shade but the blue has a bit of texture to it.
I believe that emotions are shown best in black and white. There is no color to effect how you feel and you are left to decide for yourself what the piece is trying to show you. I believe everyone will feel differently when looking at this piece. Some may see it as beautiful and others may see the black to be covering and masking something so pure.
This piece depicts a girl surrounded by green, possibly the green is suppose to represent her thoughts or imagination. Dark green often represents nature and luck. I see nature as being very calming and featured are two different animals that usually wouldn't be seen together coming together in nature.
Credits: All media
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