Palace of Versailles

By:  Kayla Komnath

This is a portrait of Marie Leszchinska, the Queen of France from 1703-1768. In this painting it shows her wearing the Le Sancy diamond, one of the first large diamonds to cut with symmetrical facets.
This painting is one dedicated to war, and is symmetrically opposite it's "twin" which is a painting dedicated to peace. This painting, along with its opposite, complete the "vault iconography."
This extremely realistic still-life painting was inspired by the silver furniture of King Louis XIV. The silver was later melted down to pay for the financial difficulties France faced later on.
This painting depicts Aspasia, a mistress of Pericles, surrounded by the Greek Philosophers. Socrates, whom Aspasia is speaking to, is in red. Aspasia was very famous for her beauty and genius.
This painting shows a coronation that took place in Notre-Dame de Paris on December 2, 1804. It was the coronation of Emperor Napoleon I and Empress Josephine.
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