Line and color used in street art

I chose this piece because it has very good detail using a pallet of just 3 simple colors.
This piece has a great illusion to the eye using different patterns of black and white lines.
This piece is very comedic, while still amazing. Uses a very cartoony style and great perspective.
I found this piece very cool using the different colors and patterns coming out of the head of the character gives the idea of creativity.
I chose this piece because of the immensity of the painting and the color of it. Great piece of art.
I really liked this piece because it tells a story. The style and color choices are also very appealing to the eye.
I really enjoyed this piece because of the amount of colors that were used. The brush strokes in the hair I found were the highlight of this piece.
This piece is a very stylized piece but it is still a great work of art. With very vibrant colors and the grander of the piece it is easily appealing the viewer.
This is my favorite piece of art in the gallery. It has so many different colors to it. It shows a great story. It doesn't let your eyes look away from it.
I found this piece exceptionally appealing to look at because of the composition and colors.
I enjoyed the style that was used in this piece, the lines make an attempt to create a popping feel.
I really enjoyed the colors and composition of the piece.
This work of art is exceptionally well done and captures the movement of a bird very well. The colors and composition help it stand out.
This piece uses shadows and highlights to greatly increase the quality of the piece.
I enjoy this piece because there is a story behind it. The colors allows for the piece to give a 3d feel.
Credits: All media
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