traditional Chinese painting

I am an international student from China. First of all, I love Traditional Chinese painting. Second, I want to share this art to all of you and let you know the culture of China. Chinese traditional painting based on Ink and wash. At first the painting were only drew by black ink. Then turned to color ink and wash.

At the very beginning of Chinese painting history, there is no figure painting. Landscape painting was very popular. It represent the starting point of traditional Chinese painting.
As the development of Chinese painting, color painting appeared. But the color option was just a few. Because at that time, people can only get color from plants.
Plant painting is one of an important element in traditional Chinese painting. Artists used only brush pen drew a like real flowers, that's the quintessence of traditional Chinese Painting art
This is a modern colored Chinese painting. But it is originally from traditional Chinese art. This painting represent the beautiful scenery of famous lake - WestLake in China.
Again, flowers is the important elements in traditional Chinese painting. Yuan used few color embellish to show the ancient feel of China.
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