Untitled Gallery

This is my gallery that shows how the use of red can be used to show emotion.

I liked the use of Red with the character and the background to show power.
This Red carved heron lid has excellent detail and you can tell the artist spent many hours with this piece.
For a second watercoloring this piece has amazing detail and depth of look. I like how the Red dress has so much detail when looked at up close.
I personally LOVE Glass art. This one grabbed me because it looked like a red snow flake.
I liked this one because it reminded me of a Persian Rug my grandmother had when I was growing up. The Elephant is a goddess. Amazing detail in this piece.
I choose this piece because it was something I did not like. Reason being, it is something anyone can do. I personally feel art should show some sort of skill.
The reason I choose this is for some reason I keep choosing women in red dresses. So I must like that look. But I also liked the use of nature in the background. The red dress jumps out and stands out for me.
This one looks like it could be even under water. I originally thought it was some sort of kelp at first but after reading about it, they are trees. but very nice use of red.
Once again, i LOVE glass art work. This was a fun one to blow up and look at extremely close to see the fine detail within the glass and all the different pigments of red.
Another example of no talent art work. The red grabs my attention because it is my favorite color, but the white swooshes are just pointless to me.
This one for some reason means a lot to me. The door means "the way" Meaning the way to things, we are always going through doors in life and I feel like this represents the challenges of life and what might be on the other side.
This photograph is awesome use of red to make something stand out. I love how the use of marble shows the reflection underneath. 
I liked this one because I have a fondness for sharks and the color red so of course this one stood out. I was surprised to read that this is actually an ear pendant and they would put these in their ears as an early form of earlobe stretching that has become popular these days.
I love the use of red in this to show what is important. Plus the fold of the curtain and use of shading are amazing.
The brightness of the red made this one stand out for me. Then when you look close you see all the detail that went into this piece.
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