Hostage- montana Brown

By Montana Brown: The gallery, Hostage, is a collection of representations of the boundaries that can be created around a subject, unknowingly, in any environment where the subject is in some way, shut off from the rest of their society. This gallery will focus on solitude, boundaries, and hope. 

Two Hummingbirds with an Orchid by Martin Johnson Heade made this collection with the soft transition of color contrast from the front of the painting towards the deeper end of the painting; giving the Hummingbirds and the Orchid a sort of boundary between the two parts of the land. The more vibrant side with the greenery on the hill at the shallow end vs. the faded out, jagged side in the background. The small patch of light coming through the clouds gives it that hopeful feeling for an exit for the Hummingbirds other than the distant landscape in the background.
195 Renk 195 Colors by Ekrem Yalcindag is a beautiful painting with no specific details. Equally balanced with the placement of the overlapping circles creates the symmetry amongst the geometric pattern. The repeated pattern makes an isolated feel as if there are no other options for the subject. If the painting was to stretch out 5 more inches all ways, it implies that the pattern will continue.
The Three Battles: Cheronea 338 BC, can be described as an abstract piece with no obvious purpose, or as a visual for the title, being possible tactical routes for an army towards an opposing side. The line elements in the geometric forms give the piece a sort of motion but in no specific order; the curves in the lines act as boundaries for the motion and the solid background makes figures seem like the only options for any way out.
The Veiled Rebekah sculpture by Giovanni Maria Benzoni, is a beautifully crafted piece full of contrast and texture. The sculpture is to represent Issac, the son of Abraham’s, chosen wife. It is said that the clutching of the veil is to represent her modesty but her body position can easily be mistaken as a little less modest. The wrinkles that were made in her clothing gives dimension to the figures body as well as texture for the material that could have been used.
Mission: Apollo-Saturn 14: Alan B. Shepard Jr. planting an American flag on the moon fits into this collection perfectly because of its attention to isolation. The man on the moon, not only is it a historical moment but the isolation and the singled out subject of this piece can’t be ignored. The positive and negative space are classically represented with the vast background behind the astronaut as though he is on a staged scene and welcoming the emptiness around.
The Hydro-Electric Installation by Jerzy Kosalka is a very interesting piece. The simplicity but the variety of objects used in this piece make it unique and very isolated from the traditional artistic means. The artist not only wanted to honor an experience in their own life, but also show that it is possible to create art in any way.
Fig. 10 (ice) by Ruth Waller is one of the almost transparent between layers paintings that was created to represents perspective and necessary attention. The Jagged lines in the wrinkled paper show a sense of anxiety and tension for the piece of paper; the geometric background has a simplistic pattern and color scheme giving it a mellow purpose almost to balance out the commotion from the wrinkles. The wrinkles along with the their shadows can depict many figures with in itself which leaves the interpretation all up to perspectives. The paper also finds texture in the wrinkles, giving the flatten out piece of paper, dimension to it against the colored background.
Dr. King and his Christian Leadership Conference Leader Ralph Abernathy, sharing time in St. John’s County Jail after leading a contingent to a restaurant where they demanding service and got arrested instead; in order for the establishment to remain segregated. The lack of saturation enhances the cold time in history when humiliation towards blacks was considered the norm. Kings emotional less face implies a hint of discouragement as he sits at the table alone and Abernathy is up, interacting with something in his background. They seem to be in the same scene but their emotion and movement puts them in separate places from each other trying to figure out how to escape.
Just by the title, Groundwork, this photograph is showing how one aspect of a system is so easily repeated and a constant flow of efficiency. The vertical stacks and rows add balance and organization to the system. It is clear that these pieces are used to fulfill some other purpose and that they are merely pieces to a puzzle. There is no uniqueness or individuality in any of these pieces.
Code 9, an installation representing a circulation of space within boundaries that has the ability to be open paths of movement as well. The rhythmic pattern of the tissue paper hanging in pairs, a certain distance apart in every row creates the boundaries for the space being created; but the separation of the material on the floor under the panels reminds you that there are transitions available between the different elements. The isolation being forced just by looking down the lane between the panels is reassured by the negative space between the panels.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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