Sports and other manly things - Trey melton

Hello and welcome to the collection of my top ten favorite pieces of artwork. This collection of art work is based around Sports and Hunting/Outdoors. The theme of this is centered around Olympics, Hunting, Bull Fighting, and other sports that we do not see much of today. The range of art work dates as far back as 1785-1983

An English Postillion depicts a horseback rider running after another horse to lasso him down. What is going on here is either he is trying to catch a wild horse to train it or he is doing what we do to day for sport.
The Billiard Room depicts a buch of men standing around what we know now as a pool table. The seem to all be paying very close attention to this game because most likely money is on the line. A lot of gambling went on in Billiards.
Butterfly Hunting depicts a man running after a butterfly with a net shaped tool. He is running thru the town trying to catch it and is so focused on it that he has stepped in a puddle of some sort.
Bullfight, Suerte de Varas depicts a man on a horse with sword of some sort aiming it at the bull with other mean behind them as they fight this bull.
Game Keeper and Boy Ferreting a Rabbit depicts a young man by a donkey with two dogs and the Game Keeper beside because he had just got done with a hunt.
The Tortoise Trainer depicts a man standing looking at a tortoise with other tortoises around him as he trains them. As time went on it became more and more less common for us to see Tortoise Trainers.
Allégorie Aux Sports depicts a bunch of men standing around that play different sports that are going on in the olympics till this day. Some are Polo players, Rowers and Swordsmen.
The Royal Sport, Pit Ticket depicts a bunch of mean standing around a platform with two chickens fighting each other. All the men are yelling and gambling for with chicken will win.
Ring Gymnast I depicts a man doing a backflip/spin on the rings. This is a sport that is performed in the Olympics till this day. It looks like the man seems to be a little uncomfortable.
Olympic Series, Tennis depicts a man playing tennis with a racket. It is multiple paintings of him hitting different ways. It seems to be a recognition painting for this guy
Credits: All media
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