MORTALITY: the Creation and destruction of life

This gallery is going to be looking at mortality and the creation story portrayed in art. Looking at different cultures and religions views, as well as sketches, paintings, and sculptures.

This drawing is mainly monocramatic consisting of an almost blue pencil color and the beige color of the paper as the back ground. The artist is depicting God and the creation of light. This would most likely come from the Bibles story of how the Earth was created. All of the marks are soft yet there for a specific reason. He depicts God as a powerful, yet thoughtful creator who made each thing on earth including the light, by hand.
This photo is to show the art of death. It shows how fragile life is and how death is a common factor that brings us all together. I have the picture framed to focus on the detail of the hand. Every vein and wrinkle are crystal clear. There is something very intriguing yet unsettling of how calm and beautiful this arm looks.
This piece focuses more on the creator and his power. The gold crown and golden background show the power the creator (God) holds. It also shows how man was created to be the dominant one over the animals. Looking at creation and life having a specific purpose.
This is another photo from the same series as the previous picture the arm. Again, it shows the detail and fragile of something so common as hair. It certainly has a darker tone and shows the reality of death. Showing death as an inevitable factor of life.
This piece is Christ, without his cross.The man who was sent to be the peoples savior, ironically ended up being killed by these same people. The detail captured in the face shows pure exhaustion and disappointment. Why is everyone so afraid of death if we already the killed the one man who could have saved us from it? This piece shows it is now an inevitable thing of life.
The fall of man has a lot to do with death. It was the beginning of death in a way, since God never intended for us to die. The creation was meant to be the beginning of forever, but since the fall of man it has been the beginning of the end. The painting uses vidid colors with realistic portal of the two figures.
The last piece is showing the myths in creation and destruction. It takes away the loving representation of creation and puts in an assembly line of bones. Bringing forward the question were we ever intended to live forever, or just live and die and then repeat. This whole sculpture has a very realistic portal and the figure at the end is opened up showing both death and the life that is inside.
Credits: All media
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