Chiseled by the Gods - (Pete Gibbs)

This gallery includes sculptures of the main gods of the Roman pantheon. The Romans worshipped a multitude of gods and goddesses for various different aspects. The sculptures included in this gallery are only of the main Roman gods, though. The various gods include Jupiter, Apollo, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Vulcan, Bacchus, Pluto, Cupid, and Saturn.

Most know of the Greek gods as they are the most famous and romanticised. Many may not know of the Great gods of Rome, though. The king of the great Roman pantheon is Jupiter.
Apollo is the patron god of medicine and healing. He is also the oracle god. He is a god featured in both the Roman and Greek pantheons.
Mars is most well known as the god of war. He is also the protector of agriculture as well. He is second in importance only to Jupiter.
Mercury is the son of Jupiter and the patron god of financial gain,commerce,eloquence,communication, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld
Neptune, brother of Jupiter, is the god of the sea. He carries a great tridant and is the protector of the sea and the mythical beasts below the waters.
Vulcan is the patron god of metal and metal work. He was the great blacksmith of the gods constructing the divine armor and weapons that the gods wielded.
Bacchus was the patron god of wine and merry making. If there was a party he was the god making it successful.
Pluto is the god of death and the underworld. Most often associated to Hades, Pluto is the Roman equivalent.
Cupid, also known as Aros, is the god of love. He is the Child of Venus, the goddess of love.
Saturn is the father of all of the gods. He was a jealous god and in order to not lose his power he ate his children. Jupiter escaped his fathers stomach and chained him.
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