Sawera 2012

I choose this one because of the work of art that is old and very interesting to see architecture.
in this painting you can see symbol of freedom
this painting remade me the story of king Faron in Ram that every one should accept his order
i like hors they are smart animals they could be a good friend for as
this one is every sad picture who lost their house
i like this one because tigers always symbol of power
unusual work of art which inspire me at the first look i had
it shows family relationship between mother and son
this one remind me my country we used to had like this
this is nice for decoration
so beautifully don
this is for the people who worked a lot
this one is good also
the same as my country this panting show is a powerful game which we called boz cashi
many actions at the the same time such as bird and the moon in sky.
Wow it makes us think twice what is this
good one so far
Very colorful picture
It makes me wounder who could it be this man maybe a king
It looks like a human face and very aggressive.
Credits: All media
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